João Abbott-Gribben

João Abbott-Gribben is a writer and artist. His work uses paint, digital media, sculpture and installation to play with paint, painting, its history and display. Alongside this he also explores the changes visual information undergoes as it flows between reality, representation and perception.

Tears In Rain

Condition: Schizophrenia

Star Citizen

Condition: Schizophrenia

Both works consist of symbols layered on top of one another. Each symbol represents a concept that my interviewee, an artist going by the moniker SK172, wanted included in the pieces I made.
The symbols cover concepts such as surveillance, technology, virtual reality and science- fiction. The films, books and video games that SK172 likes best often touch on these genres and ideas. They also play into some of the hallucinations SK172 described, for example their movements and thoughts being watched and tracked with technology operated by malign forces. The symbols in the works also refer to SK172’s own art practice, particularly the motifs they use to articulate aspects of their experience of schizophrenia.